Thursday, January 5, 2012


Been a while, hasn't it?
Hm, not much has happened since last time...
Oh, we had Christmas and the calendar turned over again. Has a funny habit of doing that every so often. Catches me unawares every time.
But besides from that...not much. But, I still feel the need to post something, so this sad pathetic little blog doesn't die and go to a sad, pathetic place, where fairies steal your lollipops and turn into poptarts. Actually, that doesn't sound so sad and pathetic, but that's beside the point.
So, I'm gonna post a post about nothing and randomness. I guess that technically, randomness isn't "nothing", but if you're really so smart that you know that, then you should be off doing something smart, instead of reading this. ;)
And now for a picture of a dinosaur:
...I know your heart stopped just then. RAWR!! IMMA EAT YOU!! Speaking of which, I had the easiest biology lesson ever the other day. It was about dinosaurs. The only challenging part was turning the pages with my teeth, cuz my arms were too short. Why are T-Rex arms so darn SMALL??? It's a pain. You can't hold ANYTHING with them! Rrraaawwwwrrrr.....Oops, now it's time to fill my dino-tummy with yummy dino-food. Rawr!

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