Monday, November 28, 2011

It had been a long, cold day....

It had been a long, cold day. Tired, cold, and shivering I desperately wanted - no, needed- warmth. Wildly I looked around, storming my brain for how I could find It, losing my sanity over It. And then it hit me. There was a place where warmth was given. A place where you could receive a short, blissful time, before leaving again, out into the harsh, cold world. Hastily, I ran. Ran as if there were a billion spiders chasing me. Ran for all it was worth. And...yes! Yes! I snatched It, before anybody else could claim It as theirs. Before It would turn me away, claiming to be taken.

I entered that place, expecting warmth and a short time where I could be at peace. And I found it. I stood there, as close as I possibly could, absorbing that warmth. That heat. I started to regain my sanity, and I could feel that wonderful, blissful feeling of peacefulness and reassurance creeping back. But as quickly as I had found It, It vanished. Coldness, bitter coldness replaced It. In dismay, I cried out. I started to run away, to try and seek warmth else where, but then I was reminded. This warmth had been given to me for a price. I had made a deal. I had agreed that for that happy, happy time of warmth, no matter how brief, I would complete a task. I had no choice. Hesitantly, I went back, and reluctantly entered that cold, miserable world. Teeth chattering, I went to work, trying to finish it as quickly as I could. But, alas, time was distorted. For every second in the outside world I was there, as I stood there, it felt like a year. I gritted my teeth, and continued.

Twice, I thought of leaving the job unfinished. It hadn't been a fair deal. It hadn't kept up Its side of the deal, why should I keep up mine? But no. I had to be honest, even if It wouldn't. I kept at it. What felt like a century later, I finished. I darted out of there as fast as I could, so fast, even a lioness lunging at its prey would be impressed. I went away disappointed and miserable, continuing in my search for comfort. Maybe next time, I told myself. Next time I wouldn't be cheated out of It. Next time I would be given what I rightfully deserved. Next time.

......I hate cold showers.

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